Discovering the known and hidden attractions of Brno

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Explore Brno: Discovering the known and hidden attractions of Brno

The Czech Republic (Czechia), the country in the heart of Europe, offers a large amount of fabulous cities. Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, is located in the south-eastern part and it is the capital city of Moravia region. Inspired by this book, you can create a perfect trip in the city centre. You will not need a guide or to book any attractions. In three chapters you can find the famous, but also hidden sights and routes through various shortcuts that only few local residents know. The guide incorporates interactive maps specially prepared and connected with this guide. Also Czech pronunciation of the mentioned attractions is integrated for a better orientation in the city. The guide shares the most important information and supplements it with a plenty of photos. Open your hearts and fall in love with magic fountains, interesting buildings, mysterious cellars and relaxing parks. Don’t miss a thing, enjoy must-see sights, seek out the local life and explore the hidden attractions.

ISBN 978-80-270-7479-2
Authors: Jarmila Fialová, Eva Švábenská
Language: English

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